A Powerful Draw

From SonicScoop Interview

Like many of his audio engineer clients, Analog Prints’ Iulianelli likes letting the constraints of an assignment play a positive role, feeding here into his minimalist artistic philosophy.

“When it comes to most things, mostly art and music, I am a big fan of letting my limitations guide the outcome,” the Detroit-based artist says. “Screen printing is an old school way of doing things with some inherent limitations. Most of my prints are hand-screened by my friend Brent Mosser: Each color requires its own screen and adds cost and labor to the final product so you’ll usually only see 1-4 colors on my screen prints, and I think that gives them their style. However, I pick up inspiration from all over and it always finds its way into whatever I’m working on.”

His visual approach dovetails perfectly with depicting audio hardware. “When I am drawing all these knobs, tubes, and wires, I feel that I’m playing in a space that fits somewhere between a gear photographer and a gear builder,” he explains. “I think the art brings the beauty of the gear into a different dimension and holds the viewer’s attention longer than a photograph for some reason, but I am not sure why.”

A recent favorite drawn by Scott Iulianelli : The famed Fairchild 670 in pen.

Iulianelli was particularly pleased to see the Audio Evidence Mobile commission come to Analog Prints. “Rob came to me with a vague idea of what he was picturing in his head, which was his main desk loaded with gear and his beautiful van—he also mentioned ‘blueprint’ somewhere along the way. I started out with a ruler and just started making vertical and horizontal lines until the proportions were right for the van, then did the same for the desk.

“My dad was a builder and also a visual thinker so sketching ideas like this was pretty familiar and reminded me of something he would draw on a napkin with a blue ink pen at our neighborhood Big Boy diner when I was a kid.”

Interestingly, the soundtrack Iulianelli plays in his art studio is mostly non-musical. “I usually listen to books while I draw,” he says. “My recent listens were; Biocentrism, Carl Jung’s Psychology and Alchemy, and The Kybalion. When I have been enjoying music lately, it’s been Run the Jewels, Black Sabbath, William Onyeabor, Fela Kuti, and LCD Sound System.

“I love helping people bring their ideas to fruition. If anyone is interested in a custom project, they can reach me at scotty @analogprints.net.”

— David Weiss